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Who says you have to be at home or the office to check your e-mail, surf the net or finish a report for school or work? Find out where you can get connected with ease, in comfort, and best of all wire-free.

Going on vacation shouldn’t mean being out of touch! Stay connected while on vacation - find out which fine hotels offer wireless high-speed Internet access in partnership with TheWayOut HospitalityNet.

TheWayOut offers your business the ultimate Internet connection. Keep your business permanently connected to the Internet, thus giving you access instantly. A dedicated Internet connection, guaranteed performance, and broadband speed.

With Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology, you're ready to connect to the Internet without wires or an add-on adapter card, thanks to integrated wireless LAN (WLAN) capability. WLAN uses radio waves to wirelessly connect to the Internet. And this means it's easier for you to stay connected.
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